Jump Networks is strongly committed to respecting our customers’ privacy.

Other than for the purposes of accounting, disputes/debts and managing network abuse as described below, we will not share your data with any third parties unless legally required to do so.

Questions about data protection should be sent to our support@ address

Data we collect about you:

Personal and contact data:

We will use the email address you provide us purely for the purpose of correspondence with you about the provision of, and billing for, your service. We will not share your email address with third parties or send you automated advertising or other unnecessary emails.

We will store your postal address to include on our invoices, which are sent by e-mail. We may use your postal address or other publicly available information about your organisation to verify your identity if there arises a specific need to do so.

We will retain the email communications you send to us.

We will keep a record of the services you have with us and bills issued and paid, and will share these records with our accountants for the purpose of preparing our company accounts.

In cases of persistent non-payment we reserve the right to transfer your details to solicitors, courts, and debt collection agencies, as necessary.

In the event of a court case or other dispute resolution process between us we reserve the right to make use of the records described above.

Network usage data:

We will collect data on your overall network bandwidth usage for billing purposes.

We may collect more detailed data about your network usage for the purposes of network management and the detection and mitigation of network abuse. It is possible this may capture personally identifiable information but we will not do so intentionally, and will attempt to minimise any capture, processing, and storage of personally identifiable information to that necessary to report abuse and will not store such data longer than necessary.

Sharing Network Incident/Abuse Information:

If we detect your service being used to attack other network endpoints we may contact the affected network operators, for example if we believe that other network users have been compromised by an attack launched from your service. In such cases we will also notify you of the presumed external breach of your service.

If we receive external complaints about your network usage we will share them with you, but may also report back to the complainant on what action was taken.

Your data storage:

We will treat the system data you store with us as strictly confidential. For virtual servers, both persistent (on Solid State Drives and Hard Disk Drives) and temporary (in Random Access Memory) storage will only be accessed by our systems as is necessary to provide your service, otherwise we will only access them by your explicit request. For physical servers, our systems have no access to your data and we will only access them by your explicit request.

Under UK law, we may become legally compelled to provide access to your data, for example by law enforcement, and may furthermore be prevented from disclosing this access to you. In all cases we would diligently verify the legitimacy of such requests, and inform you unless legally prevented from doing so.

Company details:

We are registered in England and Wales as Jump Networks Ltd, company number 04481457