Started as Spodcolo in March 2000, a hobby project involving professional geeks wanting somewhere neutral to host their personal servers, and slowly turning into an overgrown hobby for James and Nick, including taking on commercial customers, Jump Networks Ltd was incorporated in July 2002.

The rising power costs in datacentres saw us adding highly specified VPS (Virtual Private Servers) to our portfolio in 2007, and many of the original customers have migrated to these.

These days, while most of the customers are commercial entities, we’re pleased that the majority of hobby individual colo folks back from 2000 are still with us, and that similar pricing is still available (assuming a suitably energy efficient server these days), eg:

March 2000 pricing – £29.38  for 1U box with 1GB of transfer

August 2010 pricing – £15.40+VAT : 2Mbps 95%ile transfer and colo for a 22VA mac mini

August 2010 pricing – £30.80+VAT : 2Mbps 95%ile transfer and colo for a 44VA Dell R210 with L3426 CPU and 2x SSD


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