Install fee: £50 (per device)

Monthly fees : £60/U + £0.64/VA

  • Network: 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports (into redundant switches)
  • OOB: 1x Out of band connection (either serial or ethernet)
  • IPv6: 1x /48 address space
  • Free monitoring with SMS and email based alerting (up to 50 SMS per month included)
  • Bandwidth allowance: 100Mbps 95%ile or 10TiB/month
  • Space: Rack space for devices up to 750mm deep
  • Power: 2x 230V ports from redundant sources OR a single 230V port from an automatic transfer switch, all remotely controllable
  • Notice period to cease service: 90 calendar days
  • Remote hands: Unlimited basic remote hands service

IPv4 addresses are available at an additional charge of £2/month each

Power reading taken at install time with device fully booted into normal operating system, settled at idle.
Excess network usage is only chargeable if you exceed the allowance on both rate-based (per Mbps) and volume-based (TiB) metrics, and calculated using the cheaper of the two. Full details on our bandwidth page.
All prices exclude VAT.