Peering Details

Jump Networks Ltd – Peering Details


Our peering policy is as follows:

  • We will peer with an ISP if to do so would be of mutual benefit.
  • We require you to demonstrate a competence in BGP and TCP/IP networking.
  • We do not require a formal peering agreement, but will sign one, subject to negotiation, if you require one.
  • All BGP sessions will be configured with preferably ttl-security, or failing that a 15 character MD5 password. No security only if absolutely necessary.

Company / Contact details

Company Name: Jump Networks Ltd.
Registered in England and Wales, Company Number 04481457.
Registered office: 9 Caxton House, Broad Street, Cambridge, CB23 6JN. ENGLAND.

Peering address:
NOC address:
Emergency Contact Number: +44 7968 158 327 (EMERGENCIES ONLY)

Peering Session Details

AS Number: AS8943 (RIPE)
Announcing: AS-JUMP (RIPE)
LINX Juniper LAN: / 2001:7F8:4::22EF:1 (18GigE)
LINX Extreme LAN: / 2001:7F8:4:1::22EF:1 (10GigE)