Install fee: £50+VAT

Standard colo (paid quarterly in advance): £0.75/VA/month +VAT
Premium colo (paid quarterly in advance): £0.95/VA/month +VAT

Service includes:

  • Rack space (there is no longer a per U charge, but check availability) for boxes up to 650mm deep
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports (into diverse switches)
  • 1x Remotely controllable 230V power port on APC masterswitch
  • 1x Out of band connection (either ethernet or serial)
  • 4Mbps 95%ile or 400GiB bandwidth included with each server hosted
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as justified by RIPE rules
  • Free monitoring with SMS and email based alerting (up to 50 SMS per month included)
  • Billing based upon VA (power) reading at install of box fully booted into normal operating system, settled at idle. Maplin has a reasonably accurate power meter for not too much cost if you wish to estimate your billing before install

Premium colo also includes:

  • Ability to house deeper boxes (racks are 1200mm deep, front to rear post depth is 750mm)
  • A second remotely controllable 230V power port from a diverse power feed
  • Unlimited Telehouse basic remote hands service
  • Billing based upon the higher VA reading at install of each of the two PSUs running on a single feed, with box fully booted into normal operating system, settled at idle