Install fee: none

Recurring fee with GE ports: £100+VAT per month for 2x GE ports to diverse switches, which includes £100 bandwidth commit (worth the largest of 250Mbps 95%ile or 2500GiB).

This port fee does not apply to customers colocated in the Jump racks, as 2x GE ports are included with the colocation. However additional commit and burst fees are those shown below.


Recurring fee with 10GE ports: £150+VAT per month for 2x 10GE ports to diverse switches, which includes £150 bandwidth commit (worth the largest of 375Mbps 95%ile or 3750GiB).


Additional Bandwidth fees: Additional bandwidth commit is specified in terms of £/month, rather than Mbps or GiB per month. There is no minimum and no longterm commit required, just that changes to additional bandwidth amount need to be agreed to before the start of a month.

Every month we’ll calculate the whole of your bandwidth bill using each of the per Mbps 95%ile usage based, and per GiB volume based methods, and then bill you based upon the cheapest one for you.


If billed based on 95%ile usage pricing is:

£0.40+VAT/Mbps/month – full transit – arranged in advance

£0.60+VAT/Mbps/month – full transit – in arrears, excess traffic burst fee


If billed based on volume usage pricing:

£0.04+VAT/GiB/month – full transit – agreed in advance

£0.05+VAT/GiB/month – full transit – in arrears, excess burst traffic fee

Volume billing is based upon the larger of the in or the out traffic (not the sum of both).


Our fully redundant network resides in three Jump Networks locations in Telehouse North, comprising a pair of Cisco 7600 based transit routers, a pair of Cisco Catalyst 4900M Layer 3 core switches, and Cisco Catalyst 4948E Layer 3 edge switches.

We peer privately with selected networks, and publically on the LINX LON1 and LON2 LANs. Our transit connections are directly into NTT (AS2914) and Telia (AS1299).

Communities used for control of announcements
8943:4002 Announce to Upstreams (e.g. NTT, Level 3, Global Crossing)
8943:4004 Announce to Peers (e.g. LINX, Private Peers)
8943:4006 Announce to Partial Transit Customers
8943:4008 Announce to Full Transit Customers

Routes from full transit customers are tagged with 8943:400(2|4|6|8)
Routes from partial transit customers are tagged with 8943:400(4|6|8)
Routes from settlement free peers are tagged with 8943:400(6|8)
Routes from transit providers are tagged with 8943:4008

Communities used to mark ingress point
8943:50441 Learnt from UK Customer
8943:50442 Learnt from UK Private peer
8943:50443 Learnt from LINX LON1 LAN peer
8943:50444 Learnt from LINX LON2 LAN peer
8943:50449 Learnt from UK Transit Supplier