Offering colocation and bandwidth services in Telehouse North, Docklands, Jump Networks is run by an enthusiastic set of people with lots of experience in the ISP industry. We’re a friendly bunch with a lot of experience at providing our services, and many happy customers, but don’t expect meaningless SLAs, or people in suits turning up to your office.

Since March 2000 – Spodcolo: Colocation for people with a clue!

Some example purchase and hosting costs for various systems based on current power pricing:

Server Power consumption Monthly hosting cost Initial Hardware cost 1yr Total Cost 2yr Total Cost 3yr Total Cost
Jump VPS, 2x vCPUs, 4GiB RAM, 25GiB SSD N/A £15 None £180 £360 £540
Soekris net5501-70, 1x SSD 14VA £10.50 £250 £376 £502 £628
Mac Mini Server, i7-3615QM, 4GiB RAM, 2x HDD 28VA £21.00 £690 £942 £1194 £1446
Supermicro, Single PSU, E3-1230v3, 16GiB RAM, 2x SSD 29VA £21.75 £637 £898 £1159 £1420
Supermicro, Single PSU, E3-1280v3, 32GiB RAM, 2x SSD 29VA £21.75 £964 £1225 £1486 £1747
Supermicro, Dual PSU, E3-1240v3, 32GiB RAM, 2x SSD 46VA £34.50 £926 £1340 £1754 £2168
Supermicro, Dual PSU, E5-1660v2, 32GiB RAM, 2x SSD 68VA £51.00 £1548 £2160 £2772 £3384

In general, additional DDR3 RAM and SSDs make negligible difference to metered VA power consumption, likewise for E3-1200v3 series CPUs, higher rated clock speeds make negligible difference to power usage when at idle.

VA power readings are with the machine fully booted into it’s normal OS, settled at idle.

We can supply Supermicro equipment for you to co-locate with us, please enquire.