Offering colocation and bandwidth services in Telehouse North, Docklands, Jump Networks is run by an enthusiastic set of people with lots of experience in the ISP industry. We’re a friendly bunch with a lot of experience at providing our services, and many happy customers, but don’t expect meaningless SLAs, or people in suits turning up to your office.

Since March 2000 – Spodcolo: Colocation for people with a clue!

Some example hosting costs for various systems based on current power pricing

Server VA Power consumption Monthly hosting cost Initial Hardware cost 1yr Total Cost 2yr Total Cost 3yr Total Cost
Jump VPS N/A N/A None £250 £500 £750
Soekris 5501 11.8 £8.40 £320.00 £420.80 £521.60 £622.40
Mac Mini 15.7 £11.20 £790.64 £925.04 £1059.44 £1193.84
Fit PC2i Ultra 18.7 £13.20 £465.00 £623.40 £781.80 £940.20
Atom Box 36.1 £25.90 £274.00 £584.80 £895.60 £1206.40
Dell R210 43.2 £30.80 £636 £1005.60 £1375.20 £1744.80
Proliant DL360 248 £173.60 Free £2083.20 £4166.40 £6249.60

Jump VPS – Jump Virtual Private Server

Soekris 5501 – Soekris net5501-70 with Intel X25-V SSD

Fit PC2i Ultra – Fit PC2i Ultra with SSD

Atom box – Homebuilt Intel BOXD945GCLF2-OEM, Ituner PicoPSU-90, Ituner ACDC-12V/80W, 2GB RAM, CT32GBFAB0 32GB SSD, X-Case RM 100.

Mac Mini – Apple Mac Mini Server (mid 2010) with WLAN disabled

Dell R210 – Dell R210 with L3426 CPU, 4GB RAM, Intel X25-V SSD

Proliant DL360 – HP Proliant DL360 G3 with 10K RPM disks

Please note we don’t supply hardware – these are just example costs as of July 2010 for hardware that you can colocate with us. VA power readings are actual power readings previously metered, although we’ll take an accurate reading of your particular equipment at install, fully booted into the normal OS, settled at idle.