New Jump VPS pricing

We’re pleased to announce VPS price changes –

Effective for the periods billed for in the next invoice run, the monthly prices for the base package have the following changes:
* The base price is now £7, rather than £15
* IPv4 addresses are no longer included, these are now £2/month each
* 20Mbps 95%ile or 1TiB (whichever is the largest) network transfer is included, rather than 10Mbps 95%ile / 1TiB

Extras have the following changes to their monthly rates:
* Additional RAM is now £1 for 1GiB, rather than 0.5GiB
* Additional SSD space is now £1 for 15GiB, rather than 10GiB
* Archive/Backup HDD space is now £1 for 150GiB, rather than 100GiB
* Additional Network transfer is now £1 for 2Mbps 95%ile / 100GiB, rather than 1.5Mbps 95%ile / 50GiB

Below is the new, complete price list:

The basic system is:
£7 2x vCPUs, 4GiB RAM, 25GiB SSD, 20Mbps / 1TiB transfer, 1x IPv6 /64 + 1x IPv6 /48

£2 1x IPv4 address
£5 1x vCPU
£1 1GiB RAM
£1 15GiB SSD
£1 150GiB HDD
£1 2Mbps 95%ile / 100GiB network transfer

All rates are monthly and exclude VAT.
5% discount for quarterly contracts & payment quarterly in advance
10% discount for annual contracts & payment annually in advance

N.B. We’ve been providing fully native IPv6 on all customer services since early 2004. Please contact us if you need help using IPv6.

We’ll also be doing hardware upgrades in the next few months starting with upgrading the SSD storage from a RAID10 set composed of SATA devices, to RAID10 where one half is NVMe, for roughly an order of magnitude faster read performance.

At some point in the next year we expect we’ll refresh the server hardware with Xeon E-2288G based servers.

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